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Our Purpose

Christian Military Homeschoolers exist to encourage, support, and build up a community of Christian homeschool families. 

What do you offer?

In the past, a semester for us would consist of a 10-12 week long semester of weekly classes.  Due to restrictions of COVID-19, we have decided that a hybrid semester of in person and virtual learning  would be more conducive to fostering support and community.  We will be meeting monthly to hike, picnic, and do nature studies together, and  will be planning at least one additional Monday meet-up for a field trip every month.  For those who do not seek in-person meetings, we are able to provide virtual learning via live Zoom classes or at your own pace courses. These classes will be decided upon and scheduled depending on the interest of our members at the beginning of our semester. 

CMH is intended to be a resource for support and encouragement through educational and social offerings but is not a complete homeschool curriculum or program. 

When and where do you meet?

This semester we will be meeting on Mondays at various locations in Hampton Roads. We will have one designated outdoor location for our monthly hike and nature study but our field trip locations will change. Once we go back to normal, we have a host church in Virginia Beach where we meet every Monday. 

How much does it cost?

Due to the fact we are not offering weekly classes where a class fee is required, the only required cost for this semester is a $50 family fee.  This fee goes to cover our operating costs and insurance.  For virtual learning classes, you will need to print any worksheets you would like your child to complete.  For our in person gatherings, we recommend that you bring some basic supplies for each child or to be shared among your family, including but not limited to, a clipboard, writing utensils, coloring pencils/crayons, and scissors.  

How long does your semester run?

Our semester will begin on September 14th and will conclude by Thanksgiving. 

Who can participate? 

CMH is open to  families in the Hampton Roads area who have at least one child who will be five years old by September 30th, and are in compliance with all state homeschooling laws. 

Is this a Christian co-op?

CMH is a Christian organization that embraces biblical principles, looking to God to lead and guide as our community grows.  We do not require that any members be of a specific faith, only that they agree not to teach against our Statement of Faith. 

Do I need a background check?

Yes, we believe that this is the safest course of action for our children. Every adult volunteer will need to complete a background check. The contact parent will have a background check covered by the $50 family fee.  Any additional background checks will cost $10 each. 

Can I drop my children off?

No, we are not a drop-off co-op.  You must stay or send a designated adult to supervise your child(ren) and that adult must have a background check on file.  

What is your attendance policy?

This semester we do not have an attendance policy. Your family semester fee allows you to attend as many in person and virtual offerings as you choose and it will not count against you if you are unable to be present or change your mind about participating. 

What is your sick policy?

Due to COVID-19 we are asking that if you are showing any signs or symptoms of being sick within the past 72 hours that you stay home.  Anyone who shows up and is exhibiting obvious symptoms of illness will be asked to return home and rest. These symptoms include but are not limited to a fever of more than 99.9 degrees, runny nose that is not clear, diarrhea, cough or trouble breathing that can not be attributed to another health issue, sudden loss of taste or smell, or a contagious stage of illness as diagnosed by a doctor.  We ask that you please use your best judgement as the health wellness of all of our members is of great importance.

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